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About us

Fly Monarch Virtual was founded merely days after the collapse of it's real life counterpart back in October 2nd 2017. Since then we have tried our hardest to continue the mission to emulate the real world Monarch Airlines. Maintaining Monarch's vision of family and friendship alive we create a great atmosphere where a fantastic supportive community thrives.

We use services such as VATSIM to allow members to fly with controlled airspace in a professional environment. This is created by Fly Monarch Virtual pilots having access to training support and other facilities such as training documentation.

We support all types of flight simulators that are compatible to be able to use the smartCARS 2 tracking software which has its own dedicated version just for Fly Monarch Virtual!

Introducing Our Staff Team

Rory Mulcahy

Founder / Airline Director

Nathan Innes

Founder / Vice President

Michael Ciaramitaro

Operations Director

Thomas Bond


Our Services

No Restrictions

We have a fantastic fleet with all types of aircraft available. Unlike a lot of other airlines we don't place limitations depending on ammount of hours flown or any type ratings, if you want to fly what you want. Then do so.

Real Time Tracking & Accurate Reports

We utilize a great tracking software designed by TFDi called SmartCARS, this allows real time accurate tracking for flights on most flight simulators out on the market. Also... SUPER EASY TO USE.

Realistic Routes

At the point Monarch had seized operations we started to work extremely hard to gather all of the flight schedules Monarch operated on from the last 6 months. However, if you feel like you want to create your own routes then there is no limitations.

TeamSpeak Server

Our TeamSpeak server is the best way to meet people within the same community who share the same passion in common. The most generous of people can be found within the TeamSpeak server. So.. what are you waiting for?